Vacation Destination on a Yacht

The best part about your vacation is planning it. It is even much more interesting when you intend to have your vacation on yacht. The first part when you choose to go on a vacation on a yacht is deciding on the place that you want to visit. There are various places which will provide you with an amazing experience while aboard a yacht. For example you can have a six day cruising from Vancouver to Victoria on a super yacht and get to visit the following places.


Vancouver to Gibsons, sunshine coast

You will definitely enjoy the beautiful scenery and have the chance to explore the shores of the Harbor Marina coast. It will provide you with a peaceful chance to getaway. This area is characterized by summer cottages on top of it all, quiet beaches and cedar forests.

Silva Bay Marina

This is an island that will provide you with an amazing yacht lifestyle when you choose to go on a vacation. It is one of the most popular places for yachts. Onboard your yacht, you will be able to view a multitude of islands as they come into view and out as you cruise in these waters. On top of these amazing features, you come across most friendly people and restaurants as well as pubs. It is just the place you need to relax yourself.


It is an oasis which is located between the Strait of Georgia to the east. It is surrounded by valleys and forested wilderness. You will not have even the slightest chance to miss your urban pleasures as it provides you with both of the worlds. You will experience the wilderness as well as have a chance to enjoy your urban pleasures. This place is characterized by dining places, restaurants, art galleries, museums as well as some of the local festivals that take place at different times of the year. An amazing experience that you get to experience you go back to your yacht in the evenings is to dine with the locals and the opportunity to taste the various local delicacies.

Galiano Island’s Montague Harbor

You will with no doubt experience a breathtaking cruise in these waters to Galliano Island along Trincomali. This place is rich with history and heritages. Due to this fact, it provides a delight experience if you are outdoor person. It is also most favorable and mind blowing if you are a lover for the nature at any particular time of the day and season. Speaking of Montague, you cannot fail to have time visiting the Gray Peninsula at the northwest edge. This place is characterized by the beautiful scenery of amazingly rock ledge, which has been carved as a result of effect of glaciers the past few years.

Speaking of super yachts world, we cannot fail to look at the best places around the world where you can have the best experience on your yacht while on vacation.


It is an amazing place to go on yacht vacation due to the fact that it has 300 very stunning islands. The remoteness of Fiji much even provides exploration of these islands much more interesting unlike what you could experience in the world.

Seychelles islands

It pops up when you mention the best places around the world to charter a yacht. This island can be simply described as a paradise. These are due to the fact that it has giant palm trees and interests that have sparkling white sand beaches. It is situated at the calm part of the Indian Ocean and you cannot miss to explore these secluded parts of the island. It is a lifetime experience.