Five Reasons Yachting is GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL

Yachting is not only a fun activity to do with your friends & family on holiday, it is also a great way to improve your lifestyle! Here are five ways this hobby helps in shaping a better you:

Yachting consists of activities such as pulling and hosting of sails to maneuver a boat or a yacht, all of which builds endurance and adds to the muscle strength in your shoulders and back.

Yachting, like other intense sports, improve your cardiovascular health & reduces the risk of hypertension, obesity & other heart illness.

Being out on the water puts you in a good mood due to secretion of a body chemical called serotonin. In addition, the saltiness of the sea air, composed of charged ions, also helps in the body’s oxygen absorption, leaving you with an elated feeling!

Controlling a boat requires acting as a unified unit. This means learning to communicate effectively even without using words. You also develop a good sense of co-operation & teamwork when you go yatching. Everyone on board has a crucial role to play in keeping the ship afloat.

Yatching, with its ultimate goal of staying safe while on board, enhances the 9•4 ability to focus even ,* with multiple tasks ,*# at hand.

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